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iPhone users have reported that sometimes the iPhone news widget disappeared from the widgets section. In this case, there are several troubleshooting solutions you can try. In this article, we share with you some of the most effective solutions to help you get the news widget back Bruk widgeter på iPhone og iPod touch. Med widgeter får du rask informasjon fra favorittappene dine på et øyeblikk. Velg en widget, velg fra tre widgetstørrelser, og trykk deretter på Legg til widget. Trykk på Ferdig. Du kan også legge til widgeter fra I dag-visningen

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Canadian here. IPad mini 4 and iPhone 6. IOS 11.4.1. I used to have the News widget on my iphone but it disappeared. Must have been with an update. I've done everything suggested here on both devices, three times, and still can't find the red news widget anywhere including the app. store or using the search bar While widgets have been around on iPhone since iOS 8, never before had they been so useful. The arrival of iOS 14 has not only opened the gate for cool customization but also made the home screen more lively and interactive. Whether you want to turn the home screen into a quick info window or get the most out of the lock screen by putting your favorite widgets on top, we have got you covered.

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8. Documents by Readdle. Documents by Readdle is a comprehensive file manager that puts the iPhone's native Files app to shame, letting you manage, read, listen, view, and annotate files (as well as do a ton of other stuff) easily.. It comes with over ten different widgets, but the best pick is the Actions widget that lets you access the app's best features in a jiffy — Music, Browser. When you install new apps, you can go back to the editing screen and add new widgets to the Today View by following the steps above. Additionally, you can add widgets to your iPhone by long pressing on the app icons. On the Home screen, tap and hold on a newly installed app. If it supports widgets, you'll see it in the contextual menu

Todoist for iOS 14 has landed, with three new widgets for your iPhone Home screen + Today View! *Tasks widget: View your tasks from the iOS Home screen. *Productivity widget: See your goals. Create Custom Widgets on iPhone Using Widgetsmith. The Widgetsmith app lets you create widgets for display time, date, calendar, reminders, weather, health stats, tides, astronomy, and photos. Each widget can be customized in small, medium, and large sizes. Weather and tides sections are part of the paid $1.99/month subscription News; How to make custom iPhone widgets and app icons with iOS 14 . By Kate Kozuch 24 September 2020. iOS 14 lets you change your home screen with custom widgets and app icons. Here's how

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  1. News Widget is designed to ensure you've always got the latest stories available to read; even if you don't have an internet connection. The app cleverly downloads the latest news prior to you even opening the app, using a smart algorithm that learns from your behaviour
  2. Here's how to add an existing widget to the iOS 14 home screen for your iPhone and your iPad — it's simple, quick, and fun. If you want to take advantage of iOS 14's new widgets, here's.
  3. iPhone News widget suddenly disappear Web: http://2msia.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/2msi
  4. IPHONE owners can now upgrade their device to iOS 14. The brand new software will let you put widgets on your home screen, just like on Android. Widgets allow you to see key information quickly. F
  5. However, you won't be able to resize, customize, or add it to your iPhone's home screen. Widget support on the iPhone home screen is just the tip of the iOS 14 iceberg. Don't forget to check out the 100+ new iOS 14 features for iPhone that we have discovered so far

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iOS 14's new widgets experience will shake up how you use your iPhone. Here are the ins and outs of how these new widgets work, and why they're so popular iPhone 7/10.2.1 Ireland. Deleted pre installed apps except Health and Wallet. News app now gone . Changed language & region settings to US. Widget returned but then had news icon on home screen. Deleted icon and it deleted the widget also. News app not available in App Store. Please advise. Thank you . Susan D The new iPhone iOS 14 allows you to customize your home screen with widgets. It's way too much fun With iOS 14, Apple has given users the ability to add custom widgets to their home screen. This has set off a flurry of custom themes and layouts, with iOS users using the Shortcuts app to add.

‎Color Widgets lets you add stylish widgets directly onto your home screen! Choose from premade widget designs, or better yet, make your own. Color Widgets is perfect for customizing and styling your home screen. HUNDREDS OF WIDGETS There are hundreds of design options to make your best possible wi iOS 14 widgets: New iPhone update lets you completely change your home screen - here's how to do it. Andrew Griffin @_andrew_griffin. Wednesday 23 September 2020 11:21. 0 comments iOS 14 finally brings widgets to your iPhone's home screen A mainstay on Android but new to iOS, widgets will be available on the home screen in iOS 14. Lynn L If a widget that previously existed happily on your iPhone home screen has all of a sudden vanished, leaving an empty space behind, you're in the right place and the fix is very simple

The new iOS 14 became available for all Apple iPhone users last week, and iPhone users immediately started to share home screen ideas.. The new iOS 14 gives iPhone owners a chance to customize their home screens in unique ways previously unseen. Together with iPhone, iOS is central to how we navigate our lives and stay connected, and we are making it even more powerful and easier to use in. To read the full story, tap on an item, and it quickly opens in the app. The Fox News widget also lets you swiftly open your Saved Stories. Price: Free. Download. 5. Google Chrome. If you have Google Chrome installed on your iPhone, that means you already have this widget as it is just a part of it Apple has recently started rolling out the latest iOS14 and iPadOS14 update for iPhones and iPads globally. The new operating system brings an all-new home screen experience and this is one of the most significant user-interface updates since it was launched. Read on to know how to use, add and organise the new widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 News widget was showing news stories from last night that were definitely not still current (articles, headlines, etc. had changed in the app but the widget was still showing the old version). Solution that worked: Changed language. Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language (changed from US English to Canadian English) Chief among iOS 14's excellent new features is the overhauled home screen. Now, you can add customizable widgets that live alongside your traditional apps, and both first-party and third-party apps can take advantage of it. Talk about an upgrade. They even work in the Today View and lock screen, so you can have the reinvented widgets for one or the other — or both

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iOS 14: The Best Home Screen Widgets for Your iPhone

All my widgets appear to be working on mi iPhone 6S and iPad mini 2 except for the news widget. I tried all the solutions offered in this thread but none of them worked to restore the news widget to show articles from the different news-agency's I had originally selected Chief among the new operating system's many cool features is the ability to add widgets to your iPhone's home screen. Widgets are basically little sneak peeks into various native apps; they. With resizable widgets right on your Home Screen, you can get a bigger picture of all sorts of things. From Apple's own Calendar, Photos, and Notes to third-party apps for communication, finance, and music, you have plenty of widgets to pick from. For your iPhone Home Screen, check out our list of the best widgets for iOS 14 Apple has finally unveiled iOS 14, revealing a series of new features you can expect from your iPhone in 2020. An update to the software that runs your iPhone has gone live today. Source:Supplie In iOS 14, Apple made some dramatic changes to the Home Screen of iPhone. In particular, it introduced the concept of Home Screen widgets, which are..

The new update, which launched on September 16, finally made it possible to add widgets to the main iPhone home screen, turning your iPhone's default landing page into much more than just a hub. Apple iOS 14 widgets: What you need to know about iPhone redesign Apple has shown off a redesign of the iPhone's software, adding some new features that Android users have enjoyed for. Widgets are one of the best new features of iOS 10. If you need to play a favorite song, email a specific contact, or get directions with just one tap, this is the iPhone widget for you iOS 14 Widgets Offer iPhone Users Creative Home Screen Ideas. Update: Widgetsmith has been updated to version 1.0.4 and includes a new custom color picker and a new Battery icon widget Today view puts widgets right in Notification Center where you can access them from anywhere on your iPhone with a single swipe! {.intro} Because widgets are so accessible, they make it easy for you to check the latest news or sports scores, check your reminders or delivery status, make some calculations or swap clipboards. Unlike notifications, widgets are always there, righ

Change can be scary. And with iOS 14, your iPhone has the potential to change quite a bit. That's because for the first time you can customize your Home screen with widgets.These widgets allow your favorite apps to take up more real estate on your Home Screen, but it means that your iPhone's classic app gridlock will be drastically altered There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 14, home screen widgets chief among them. With that in mind, it's ironic that Apple placed so much emphasis on widgets this year when the new update removes a fan-favorite widget of the past — the Favorites Phone widget, which was accessible via the Today View or quick actions on the home screen. Here's how to get it back How To Add Widgets On An iPhone. Go to the Home screen on your iPhone. Use a finger to swipe from left to right. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Edit Scroll down to More Widgets. Tap the green plus next to the widget you'd like to add

But that's OK: many iPhone users are still getting used to the idea of widgets as well. They're great for checking baseball scores, skimming the news or finding out when your next appointment is Har du en iPhone 6s eller nyere, kan du også trykke hardt ned på enkelte apper. Du får da opp en hurtigmeny med populære snarveier - samt et eget widget-vindu der dette støttes av appen. Slik legger du til widgets We've all been eagerly waiting for the new home screen widgets in the official version of iOS 14 and now they're here to all supported iPhones!You might be wondering what you can do with this great and functional addition to your iPhone, so read on to see what you can do with the new widgets and how to use them in iOS 14

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Now that Apple has released iOS 14, iPhone owners will want to try out the most interesting new feature. Widgets can be added to the Home screen with a few taps. However, like many iOS features, it isn't obvious how to do so just by looking at the Home Screen or checking in Settings, as one might assume iOS 14 widgets finally add some life to the iPhone home screen Screenshots of iOS 14 running on iPhone highlight some of the key features available in the new OS release. Image source: Apple Inc

How to Add, Use, and Customize Widgets on Your iPhone

The new iOS 14 became available for all Apple iPhone users on Thursday, giving people a chance to rework their home screens in a way never seen among iPhones before.. The major update allows people to use redesigned widgets and a new App Library system, which gives people the option to customize their homepage You probably already use widgets on your iPhone or iPad every day without even realizing it. So what is Widget on iOS? They come in handy for a multitude of routine tasks such as checking the weather, seeing your to-do list or reminders, playing and pausing music, and much more

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  1. iPhone users have discovered a new way to make their phones aesthetic AF with the new iOS 14 Widgets feature and Shortcuts
  2. g service. Apple's new Home Screen Widget feature is the gift that keeps on giving, with the help of eager developers. Everyone loves music, at least music of their own preference, and this will make it easier to get to those most wanted songs
  3. Follow along for how to use iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14. Gone are the days of the iPhone home screen being limited to a basic grid of square apps and app folders. iOS 14 brings a whole new look and feel to the UI with home screen widgets that can be customized in size/shape to offer some great functionality
  4. The new Siri Suggestions widget for iOS 14 groups your frequently used apps together in one place on your iPhone Home Screen. At first, having your most-used apps in one place seems great. But if you're trying to cut back on using social media or playing games on your iPhone, or don't want everyone to know that you've downloaded Tinder, having those apps front and center becomes a problem. We.

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With this new version of Pinterest installed people can take advantage of new iOS 14 Home screen widgets for the first time. While the app update itself doesn't specifically mention any kind of widgets or, to be honest, anything at all, they are most definitely there. The feature was announced by Pinterest itself, and is indeed excellent news The new OneDrive widget on iOS14 shows your photo memories on this day across previous years. To put the OneDrive widget on your iPhone simply press and hold on your iPhone's home screen, tap the + button in the top left, and scroll down to the OneDrive app to add a OneDrive widget to your home screen While people around the world were busy using the new home screen and app library of the new iOS, I have found something amazing on the new iPhone home screen widget on iOS 14. Initially, when I started adding widgets to the iPhone's Home screen, it was pretty damn good However now users can place widgets of various sizes in between their iPhone's home screen icons and create layouts they couldn't even about before. While many apps are already offering home screen widgets for their content, a new app called Widgetsmith is enabling users to create custom widgets for their home screen Apple has brought widget support in the home screen on the iPhone. And iPhone users are quite literally going crazy over it. There's a new trend on social media sites where users are sharing there aesthetic iPhone home screens created with widgets and custom app icons (pictures, really).You could browse these home screens on the iOS 14 Aesthetic Ideas web page

iOS 14 basics: how to add widgets to your iPhone's home

  1. Developers like Google have been able to test their widgets since WWDC in June, of course. View post on imgur.com. Google has been able to get the updated Google Photos app out the door just in time for everyone to install it on their new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro - both of which go on sale in just a few hours. You may also like to check out
  2. All you can do is to rearrange or delete the existing ones. But, you can get random widgets on each new Smart Stack you add. If you are unsure about how to add a widget to the iPhone home screen, take a look at our guide to using iPhone home screen widgets on your device. Batteries. Widgets screen on the iPhone previously had a Batteries widget
  3. Note that the first time you tap the new widget, Otherwise, the process for adding and stacking widgets is the same as on the iPhone — as is the process for creating Smart Stacks

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  1. One to coolest new features in iOS 14 is widgets, which allow you to view important information from critical apps at a glance wherever you want from your iPhone Home Screen
  2. g to iPhone in iOS 14 That We Can't Wait For How To: Unlock the Hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget in iOS 12 on Your iPhone News: Your iPhone's Lock Screen Is Getting Better Widgets, Notifications, & More in iOS 1
  3. ders, Favourites, News, etc. that come pre-installed on the iPhone, you can use their respective widgets on your iPhone to simplify basic tasks. Tag

The latest iOS version brings lots of UI changes including home screen widgets and new features like App library, new translate app and more. If you are stuck and still don't understand how to add widgets to your iPhone home screen, here's a guide you must take a look right away and set up your iPhone today iOS 14 finally brings widgets to the iPhone Home Screen.The feature is available for both stock iOS apps as well as third party applications. At the time of writing iOS 14 is currently in its beta testing stages. The public release is scheduled for this fall and we expect mostly widgets from stock apps to support Home screen placement Introducing widgets and stacks. Widgets aren't new to iOS, but they have been redesigned and made more data rich so that they become more useful. How to use widgets on iPhone and iPad Tap the Default Widget square below the name to start customising the widget. You will see the option to pick a new style, How to add widgets to your iPhone home screen in iOS 14 Add widgets to iPhone and iPad devices got possible since the iOS 8 and you have access to widgets from the notification center. To add widgets on iPhone 6 as well as remove widgets from notification center on iPhone 6 and other iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, do as follows:. 1. Open the Notification Center by dragging down the notification bar on the top

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We can say that Apple is working to provide real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time. Instead of pinned widgets like on iPadOS 13, the new widgets on iOS 14 can be moved. The new widgets present timely information at a glance and can be pinned in different sizes on any Home Screen page. Users can create a Smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget based on time, location, and activity Apple's new iOS 14 brings major upgrades like home screen widgets and the App Library, but it also includes a bunch of small yet useful features. including both the original and new iPhone SE These new widgets provide information and direct access to popular iPhone functions — such as the weather and time — at a glance and can give you fast access to news, TV shows, and more. Widgets can also use A.I. to show you items you're most likely to seek at various times of the day. The new iOS 14 widgets can profoundly alter the way.

How to Add Widgets to Today View on iPhone & iPad. By default, you'd already notice some stock widgets in the Today View like Weather, Reminders, Favorite Contacts, Battery and more. In addition to adding new widgets, you can also rearrange the existing widgets during this procedure Photo Widget, on the other hand, utilises the photo library on the iPhone to create widgets. Users can add anywhere between 1 to 6 photos in a widget and then can view them in full screen by just. How to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on Your New iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Models 3. You will see the entire list of iOS 14 widgets that you can add on the Home screen

iOS 14: How to Add, Remove, and Customize Widgets on iPhone

The widgets will live alongside the app icons in the app grid; widgets will be offered in three different sizes (may differ from app to app). While most people have welcomed this new addition of widgets to the iPhone, many have also taken a dig at Apple for blatantly copying the widgets feature from Android With the new iOS 14 software update for iPhone and iPad, it is now finally possible to add widgets to the home screen without restoring to jailbreaking your device. But, while Apple offers a handful of its own widgets based on the apps that come preinstalled on the iPhone, developers have quickly rolled out apps that offer a great deal more customization This article tells you how to remove a featured photo from the Featured Photos widget on iPhone. The Featured Photos widget that is available with iOS 14 is a fun way to look back at some of your best memories without having to scroll through your entire camera roll; but since your iPhone curates this selection for you, not everything it chooses will be Home Screen worthy. If you don't want to. In other news, the latest iOS 14 lets iPhone owners put widgets on their Home Screens. The new Apple Watch Series 6 features a 'blood oxygen scanner' that could save your life

How to Get iPhone iOS 14's New Widgets for Your Android Phone. By. Rea Martin - Aug 2, 2020. After the long wait, Apple has now allowed iPhone users to add widgets to their home screens and iOS 14 comes with a new set of really attractive widget presets These new iPhone widgets together with another new feature called App Library, aim to make the iOS Home Screen more functional and better organized. Let's have a closer look! How To Add Widgets To iPhone Home Screen. 1. Long-press anywhere on the Home Screen to enter the app jiggle mode

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Since the iPhone was first released to the world in 2007, its home screen has seen few changes. Sure, there have been redesigned icons and new apps along the way. However, all of that changes with the release of iOS 14, as the icon-only grid is no more. With iOS 14, widgets are reborn in a more. Readers who install the widget to the home screen of an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or later will see two headlines that will refresh as new content is published. More at the NYT Open Team blog The new widget experience on iOS 14 We've known for a while that this feature was coming, but according to German site WindowsUnited , the widget is now live in the latest version of Outlook The elevated new design of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini are as beautiful as they are durable. 3 And iPhone 12 mini is the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G smartphone in the world, re-architected to pack all the technology of iPhone 12 into a delightfully compact size, while still delivering an impressively large and immersive edge-to-edge display 11 kjekke iPhone-widgets Få mer ut av varslingsmenyen med småprogrammer. Kirsti Østvang. Publisert onsdag 26. august 2015 - 13:10 Sist oppdatert fredag 26. august 2016 - 23:14. Del artikkel. En av de store nyhetene i iOS 8, som ble lansert i fjor høst, var støtte for såkalte widgets, altså småprogrammer som kjører direkte på skjermen

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